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Calendar Wallpapers

Wallpapers with Quotes:
Change Quotes
Happiness Quotes
Inspirational Quotes
Life Quotes
Love Quotes
Motivational Quotes
Nature Quotes
Peace Quotes
Rumi Quotes
Success Quotes
Other Quotes

Smiley Wallpapers:
Smiley all around  
Smiley Hug   
Laughing Smiley  
Happy Smiley faces
Sad Smiley faces
Smiley Flowers
Valentine's Day Smileys
Smiley Stars & Sun
Other Smilies

Wallpapers Categories:
Calendar Wallpaper
Christmas Wallpapers
Clouds and sky
Father's Day
Flowers (illustration)
Halloween Wallpapers
Mother's Day
Other Wallpapers

Smiley Backgrounds:
Smiley Faces
Animated Smileys
Smiley Bad Hair Day
Glow-in-the-dark smiley
Smiley Blushing
Smiley facial expressions

Backgrounds Categories:
Abstract color splatter
Abstract Patterns
Abstract Shapes
Black Backgrounds
Hearts & Animated Hearts
Pink Backgrounds 

Yellow backgrounds

Holiday Backgrounds:
Christmas Backgrounds
Easter Backgrounds
4th of July Backgrounds
Halloween Backgrounds
St. Patrick's Day

Mother's Day
Valentine Smiley

Other Categories
Quotes on Wallpapers

iPhone Wallpapers
Calendar Wallpaper

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SL- Designs.com offers a variety of wallpapers, backgrounds and graphics for your desktop, page or blog. It covers several categories: happy smileys, abstract, calendars, holidays and motivational and life quotes on wallpaper. All the wallpapers, backgrounds and graphic on this web site are original and created by SL-Designs.com.

You are welcome to download the graphics and use them in your personal web site, emails, blogs, social networking site etc. Please do not redistribute or use for commercial purposes. If you would like to use any graphic for your business please contact me here.

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Inspirational wallpaper:

Motivational wallpaper with quote

Smiliy Faces on Wallpapers
winking smiley sad smiley quote on wallpaper quote on wallpaper
Party Background and Wallpapers
party background party background party wallpaper pary wallpaper
Calendar wallpaper
Calendar wallpaper september-september Calendar wallpaper-October-October Calendar wallpaper-November- November Calendar wallpaper-December- December
Quotes Wallpapers
Quote on wallpaper quote on wallpaper life quote quote on wallpaper
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